Ethox Chemicals, LLC, has been creating specialty and customized chemical products since 1968.

Over the years, we have expanded our reach from serving the textile auxiliary market into several other markets including coatings and ink additives, personal care, oilfield, agricultural adjuvants, and other markets where specialty surfactants are used. We continue to dedicate ourselves to offering our customers high quality and service at a good price.

We realize that we don’t win unless our customer wins. We especially like to co-develop new products with a customer. This often begins when the customer presents us with a challenge to help them develop a new product just for them. Sometimes they know what they need the product to do, but not what molecule will work. Other times they also have a good idea of what materials might work, but they don’t exist. After signing a confidentiality agreement, we work with their technical staff to make some candidate products for testing. Based on the test results, we modify the products as necessary to meet the customer’s goals. When we’re successful, we are in a good position to scale up the product quickly for commercialization.

Ethox has the capability to file PMNs or support the customer’s filing. We also have strong analytical and quality control groups capable of setting up the proper process controls. Ethox is ISO certified. In solving new challenges, we leverage our experience to pursue new market opportunities and solve customer problems. The E-Sperse® product line is just one of the many technologies coming from the diverse experience of our technical staff.

Look further on our website to select the E-Sperse® product that fit your needs. If you don’t see the exact one you want, let us know and we will discuss customizing one of them to do the job. Call your Ethox technical representative for more information.


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