Originating from our first specialty pigment dispersant, E-Sperse® 100, the E-Sperse® line has expanded beyond pigment dispersants into a multitude of products for market areas such as latexes, epoxies, and alkyds.

The word ‘disperse’ means “to cause to become spread widely” or “to spread or distribute from a fixed or constant source.” We chose the E-Sperse® name to connote its root words, ‘disperse’, and Ethox.

Beginning with the development of a line of pigment dispersants headed by E-Sperse®  100, the E-Sperse®  product line has expanded into a number of other applications. These include reactive surfactants for preparing high performing latex or alkyd binders, surfactants for preparing epoxy emulsions, specialty additives for improving the freeze/thaw stability and open time of paint and other coatings, lubricant additives for inks, low foam wetting agents, leveling agents, and defoamers. The common thread is that E-Sperse®  products allow you to build low VOC, high-performing waterborne coatings with non-APE surfactants.

Continuing the dispersion theme, we are expanding the E-Sperse® product line into dispersants and lubricants for use in solvent-based or UV coatings. Our expertise in surface modification allows us to design and build products to provide compatibility between pigments and solvent systems similar to waterborne systems.

If one of our current products is almost the right fit for your application, we are willing to customize it to work optimally in your system. Ethox prides itself on being nimble and willing to develop a new surfactant product for a single customer. Let us develop something new just for you!


Ethox is a proud member of SOCMA, including full participation in their ChemStewards program. We are also ISO 9001:2008 registered by Perry Johnson
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