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The Coating Product Line From Ethox Chemicals

Since its formation in 1968, Ethox Chemicals has served the industry with quality products and service. The concept of specialized service to each customer has proven successful over the years, and that is what Ethox strives to maintain.

As well as providing custom and toll manufacturing services, Ethox provides a broad range of surface-modifying products employing a wide range of chemistries including alkoxylation, esterification, phosphation, sulfation, and custom synthesis.

Ethox Chemicals is a privately held company with about 155 employees. It is part of the Piedmont Chemical group. We are located on a 45-acre site in Greenville, South Carolina. This location lends us strategic advantages including railroad access and close proximity to Interstate 85.

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RS Series
These non-APE surfactants contain a functional group to copolymerize into latexes during synthesis, or to cure into alkyd coatings. Read more
Pigment Dispersants
Aqueous and Non-Aqueous - E-Sperse® pigment dispersants provide low usage rates, improved color strength, and improved rheological properties..Read more
RX Series Alkyd Emulsifiers
E-Sperse® RX-series emulsifiers make very stable, high solids waterborne emulsions of existing solvent-based alkyds. This allows highly water.... Read more
Specialty Additives
E-Sperse® FT and OT products increase the freeze/thaw stability and open time of waterborne coatings products, respectively. .Read more
Epoxy Additives
E-Sperse® epoxy additives provide long pot life and short cure times to waterborne epoxy emulsions. They greatly increase the stability of epoxy resin emulsions... Read more


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